Our Products

Each of our products represent what we stand for – Craftsmanship and quality. You can trust that your wholesale channel letters, sign cabinets, and all other wholesale sign services are built with durability and care.  We don’t make signs that are “Good enough.” We make signs that are the best. 

JB wants to be your go-to wholesale sign manufacturer.

Channel Letters:

All of our channel letters are made quickly and efficiently. Providing you with a visually appealing product that will last for years to come. Our wholesale channel letters come in several forms: 

  • Front Lit
  • Back Lit
  • Front/Back Lit
  • Logo Boxes
  • Trimless

Sign Fabrication:

Custom Fabrication for all your wholesale monument/pylons sign needs. Our expert welders and builders will deliver a strong and reliable structure that is sure to turn some heads. 

Routed letters:

(Non illuminated routed letters)
We can router letters on any substrate, whether aluminum or plastic. Our CNC Hydrolic Router table produces a clean cut in an extremely quick timeframe.

Great for PVC, Aluminum, and Plastic lettering (Indoor and Outdoor)


JB uses enclosed crates for maximum protection.  Your shipment is guaranteed to be prompt and timely- and of course, secure.